Definition of enure in English:



  • 1enure for/toLaw
    no object (of a right or other advantage) belong or be available to.

    ‘a release given to one of two joint contractors enures to the benefit of both’
    • ‘A servitude right of access enures to the benefit of the dominant tenement and no other.’
    • ‘She testified that she was unaware of any substantial tax advantage enuring to her husband as a result of his receipt of the five additional shares in April of 1991.’
    • ‘Where an easement, right or privilege for a legal estate is created, it shall enure for the benefit of the land to which it is intended to be annexed.’
    • ‘It was thus established long before 1986 that any sum recovered from a creditor who has been wrongly preferred enures for the benefit of the general body of creditors, not for the benefit of the company or the holder of a floating charge.’
    • ‘The majority shareholder cannot direct corporate decisions which enure to its benefit to the detriment of minority shareholders.’
  • 2

    variant spelling of inure

    ‘People become enured to the long months without rain and become Californicated far too quickly.’
    variant spelling of inure



/ɪˈnjʊə/ /ɪˈnjɔː/