Definition of enviable in English:



  • Arousing or likely to arouse envy.

    ‘the firm is in the enviable position of having a full order book’
    • ‘Both Socrates and the University of Oxford now enjoy an enviable academic reputation.’
    • ‘Being the weakest player on the team isn't an enviable position, but that's the reality for many kids.’
    • ‘Her enviable reputation as a concert artist and opera singer has lead her to work with many of the world's leading conductors.’
    • ‘In fact his high-octave playing has earned him an enviable reputation.’
    • ‘The project has built up a unique and enviable reputation among the local people and other community organisations.’
    • ‘For now, however, Scotland are in the enviable position of developing genuine strength in depth at all levels.’
    • ‘And the firm's enviable reputation means that it tends to win repeat business.’
    • ‘That's not an enviable position to be in with the election less than two months away.’
    • ‘We do not have the land mass, and worse, the soil types, that will put us in the enviable position.’
    • ‘The school is situated in an enviable position next to the River Thames.’
    • ‘They gave me a job for two years where I held the unique and enviable position of having the desk closest to the nearest pub.’
    • ‘They are one of the few mixed voice choirs in the country to find itself in this enviable position.’
    • ‘He is, he admits, now in the enviable position of writing purely for enjoyment.’
    • ‘Today more than ever, this last frontier seems spectacularly attractive and remarkably enviable.’
    • ‘You have an enviable social life and attract interesting and talented people.’
    • ‘The club was in an enviable position of not having to draft any players to be starters.’
    • ‘Consequently he can expect to be wooed by both of them - an enviable position!’
    • ‘The United Kingdom has an enviable reputation in international public health.’
    • ‘At Cambridge he developed an enviable reputation as an organist and choir trainer.’
    • ‘This leaves the ladies in the enviable position of having to win just one more game to secure the title.’
    desirable, attractive, sought-after, desired, admirable, fortunate, lucky, favoured, blessed, worth having, excellent
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