Definition of enviably in English:



See enviable

  • ‘‘For many years I have watched the rise of Ireland as an enviably vigorous European country, able to boast artistic and entrepreneurial talents in equal measure,’ he said last week.’
  • ‘The luxury-hotel chain has built its reputation on enviably slick urban properties, but, in keeping with the trend to ‘cocoon’ on holiday, the company is branching out into hideaway resorts.’
  • ‘From set, lighting, and sound design to the acting of even subsidiary roles, this production set an enviably high standard that made what could have been merely a museum piece into a vibrant bit of comic irony and social satire.’
  • ‘Even those whom we find enviably attractive frequently find no pleasure in themselves: they feel with relief but also with scorn, that they might have convinced the rest of us, but they know better than to be convinced themselves.’
  • ‘But this isn't scepticism, more a kind of amazement that people who are enviably elegant and desirable when conducting love affairs on screen are so horribly bad at acting out their affairs in real life.’