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‘On the fifth day of consuming it by the bucketful, my skin has turned a subtle dusky shade, close on the color scale to that enviously smooth olive complexion of many Italians.’
  • ‘As the days progressed, students looked enviously at the empty staff parking lots while they fumed in line, or cruised the designated student lots hoping for parking spots.’
  • ‘I watch enviously as someone prepares a cocktail from the most unpromising ingredients.’
  • ‘Our European neighbours look enviously at how we can sell our homes without paying tax, or how we can contribute to our medical costs and our pensions and get the maximum income tax rebate available.’
  • ‘At our first place we watched enviously as a group along from us seemed to pull fish after fish out of the waters while we sprinkled bait into the water and waited without hope for the fish to come to us.’



/ˈenvēəslē/ /ˈɛnviəsli/