Definition of environs in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈvʌɪrənz/ /ɛnˈvʌɪrənz/ /ˈɛnvɪrənz/

plural noun

  • The surrounding area or district.

    ‘the picturesque environs of the loch’
    • ‘They were all well hidden, though they each had a good view of the area and its environs.’
    • ‘The club caters for the whole town area and its environs.’
    • ‘The devotees who visit this temple cannot complain about the environs of the area.’
    • ‘As the long summer day passed we wandered the market and the surrounding environs.’
    • ‘All proceeds will go to the renewal of the grass training area, and landscaping of the pitch environs.’
    • ‘He never stays in one place long enough to give us a depth of understanding about the environs or people in the places he visits.’
    • ‘The Globe's surrounding environs are attractive, despite being at close quarters with warehouses and other businesses.’
    • ‘From there he made drawing excursions to some of his most inspiring subjects, including Duncombe Park and the environs of Kirkham.’
    • ‘This device can also be used to access a satellite view of the environs within which you are currently located.’
    • ‘The park and its environs are immaculate - so much so that I felt like suppressing a sneeze which crept up on me!’
    • ‘At the end of the visit, the German visitors to Foxford and its environs expressed their delight with the area and its rich heritage and culture.’
    • ‘Nearly 90 per cent of people spending their holidays in its environs had either visited the Park or intended to do so.’
    • ‘This will provide development for the site of the Cultural Centre and its environs, as well as some commercial and housing sites.’
    • ‘Before the 19th century, Loch Lomond and its environs, the Trossachs, wasn't the tourist haunt it is today.’
    • ‘What I do want is for the lake and its environs to be respected, preserved, protected and enhanced for future generations.’
    • ‘The artwork should reflect the local environs and the vast musical talent of the Northern Rivers region.’
    • ‘A far wider use of the lake and its environs will fill any gap and bring increased income from those who seek peace and tranquillity.’
    • ‘It hopes to organise similar competitions and art camps in the premises so that more people would get to know the institution's environs.’
    • ‘His stories of childhood, historical events, and environmental beauty of Sligo and its environs are wonderful.’
    • ‘Among 1,000 poultry farms in the city's environs, only about 100 have been dealt with, so far.’
    surroundings, surrounding area, vicinity
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Mid 17th century from French, plural of environ (see environ).



/ɪnˈvʌɪrənz/ /ɛnˈvʌɪrənz/ /ˈɛnvɪrənz/