Definition of envoi in English:


(also envoy)

Pronunciation /ˈenˌvoi/ /ˈɛnˌvɔɪ/ /ˈänˌvoi/ /ˈɑnˌvɔɪ/


  • 1A short stanza concluding a ballade.

    ‘Transforming the press account, Kelly's own narrative further compresses Kastriot's story of miraculous survival into three stanzas and a shorter envoi which are intended to evoke the traditional folk ballad.’
    • ‘A sestina is a highly structured poetic composition that is comprised of six six-line stanzas and a three-line concluding stanza known as an envoy.’
    • ‘The pun on ‘bay’ is telling, and the sestina moves toward its envoi.’
    • ‘The envoi, with its mild pun on ‘sett tyme,’ implies that they need to arrange a meeting while conditions are favorable and the night is young.’
  • 2literary An author's concluding words.

    ‘Finally Quietus for string trio makes a satisfying envoi.’
    • ‘The finale, chock-full of thrown rhythms, is a bit cavalier too, but serves as a cheerful envoi to the whole series of seven.’
    • ‘I spent the last hour or so trying to craft a poignant envoi for this poet of posts, but pressed for time and under the influence of a glass (a large one too) of red wine, my last resort is in the words of another.’


Late Middle English from Old French envoi, from envoyer ‘send’ (see envoy).