Definition of enzymology in English:



  • The branch of biochemistry concerned with enzymes.

    ‘Several excellent recent reviews cover different aspects of the biochemistry and enzymology of glycine decarboxylation and its relation to plant metabolism.’
    • ‘Nonaqueous enzymology is nowadays an active area of work, having matured to a point where, besides its large implications in basic protein science, it has an important impact in biotechnology, from where grew its roots.’
    • ‘A notable exception is the study of nonaqueous enzymology.’
    • ‘Our technical approach combines proprietary advances in synthetic chemistry, surface chemistry, molecular biology, enzymology, array technology and optics.’
    • ‘It's a property known as ‘promiscuity’, one that's being increasingly recognized as important in enzymology and enzyme evolution.’



/ˌenzəˈmäləjē/ /ˌɛnzəˈmɑlədʒi/