Definition of eolian in English:



US variant spelling of aeolian
  • ‘Such an age estimate is not necessarily undermined by the possibility of eolian deposition of diatoms or by delivery of diatoms in clasts of sediment ejected from an asteroid impact in the Southern Ocean.’
  • ‘Trace fossils from carbonate eolian environments of Quaternary age usually represent burrows, nests or trackways of terrestrial insects, such as wasps, or arachnids.’
  • ‘The volume concludes with a very brief chapter on ancient eolian Iandforms and their use in reconstructing Quaternary paleowind directions.’
  • ‘These condensed intervals may be underlain, however, by oolitic grainstones, or marine reworked eolian sandstones that also form part of the transgressive systems tract.’
  • ‘Quartz grains are angular, suggestive of eolian origin.’



/ēˈōlēən/ /iˈoʊliən/