Definition of epaxial in English:



Anatomy Zoology
  • Situated on the dorsal side of an axis.

    ‘epaxial muscles’
    • ‘If a salamander is to swim straight, the action of these muscle fibers must be balanced by muscle fibers dorsal to the vertebral centra, presumably in the epaxial musculature.’
    • ‘All of this head motion must be executed by epaxial musculature if the pectoral girdle is reduced or lost, which requires a strong anchor and lever for force transmission.’
    • ‘To the best of my knowledge, this tendon insertional pattern represents a unique morphological construct for cetaceans, mammals that lack connections between epaxial muscles and pelves.’
    • ‘That study demonstrated that in anesthetized birds, resting on their sternum, one of the epaxial muscles (the longissimus dorsi) was consistently active during inspiration.’
    • ‘The axial musculature of all vertebrates consists of two principal masses, the epaxial and hypaxial muscles.’