Definition of ependyma in English:



mass nounAnatomy
  • The thin membrane of glial cells lining the ventricles of the brain and the central canal of the spinal cord.

    • ‘These include the respiratory epithelium of the airways (respiratory cilia), the embryonic node (primary cilia), and the ependyma of the brain ventricles (ependymal cilia).’
    • ‘Supporting cells of the nervous system include the capsule or satellite cells of peripheral ganglia, ependyma, neuroglia, and Schwann cells.’
    • ‘The most cogent theory that supports the occasional finding of subcutaneous islands of ependyma in the postcoccygeal region in infants is that these lesions originate from extramedullary ependymal rests.’
    • ‘The adjacent cerebral parenchyma and overlying ependyma revealed no discrete inflammation or vasculitis.’
    • ‘After the ependyma covering its ventricular surface is stripped away, the elongated caudate nucleus is exposed.’


Late 19th century from Greek ependuma, from ependuein ‘put on over’.