Definition of ephemerality in English:


Pronunciation /ɪfɛm(ə)ˈralɪti/ /ɪfiːm(ə)ˈralɪti/


See ephemeral

  • ‘There are many passages in which Woolf seems concerned to indicate the simultaneous stasis and ephemerality of the moment through a concentrated documentation of sounds and overheard voices.’
  • ‘He has crafted a plot based on the principle of ephemerality, of transience, of allowing a dream to exist only to have it withdrawn.’
  • ‘The technological ephemerality of this medium means that we will not have the luxury of stumbling across these intimate mementoes in 100 years' time.’
  • ‘Most of the novel's characters seem to command large salaries working in the media, computer programming, advertising - jobs in which ephemerality is king, work and play melt into each other and play is the bit that matters.’
  • ‘Thus the desert represented for him both the fullness and the emptiness of eternity; and Alexandria, the city on the desert, was a symbol for the ephemerality of civilization itself.’



/ɪfɛm(ə)ˈralɪti/ /ɪfiːm(ə)ˈralɪti/