Definition of Ephemeroptera in English:


plural noun

  • 1Entomology
    An order of insects that comprises the mayflies.

    ‘We further included four representatives of the Zygoptera, one representative of the Epiophlebiidae, and one representative of the Ephemeroptera of the family Ephemeridae as outgroup taxa.’
    1. 1.1ephemeropteraInsects of the order Ephemeroptera; mayflies.
      ‘various species of ephemeroptera’
      • ‘Stomach contents were examined with a dissecting microscope; [greater than] 99% of the enumerated prey were diptera larvae, ephemeroptera larvae, copepods, cladocera, and cyprinid fish.’
      • ‘Every species of ephemeroptera may be distinguished by its genitalia.’
      • ‘In 1994, zooplankton still dominated diets in August, whereas macroinvertebrates, mainly small chironomids and small Ephemeroptera, were dominant prey in August 1995 and 1996.’
      • ‘The Ephemeroptera are among the most primitive of flying insects.’
      • ‘There are more than 40 species of Ephemeroptera, or ‘upwinged flies,’ in the British Isles.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Ephemera (genus name) + pteron ‘wing’.



/ɪˌfɛməˈrɒptərə/ /ɪˌfiːməˈrɒptərə/