Definition of epibenthic in English:




See epibenthos

  • ‘These structures may also protect infauna from epibenthic predators, leading to higher clam survivorship.’
  • ‘Compared to epibenthic dwellers like trout, strictly benthic fish species are even more affected by changes in water level because they rely on specific substratum characteristics.’
  • ‘Larger white perch seem to be more opportunistic than the smaller fish, becoming at least partly epibenthic feeders where sand shrimp are available.’
  • ‘During dives to over 80 m to feed on epibenthic prey, thick-billed murres near Coats Island, Nunavut, Canada appeared to descend almost vertically, so that data from time-depth recorders approximated actual swimming speeds.’
  • ‘In marine soft bottoms, large epibenthic predators sometimes disturb the sediment while feeding, which may affect food quality (such as particle composition and silt concentration) for suspension feeders.’