Definition of epiclesis in English:



Christian Church
  • The part of the Eucharistic prayer in which the presence of the Holy Spirit is invoked to bless the elements or the communicants.

    • ‘The transformation is effected by the Holy Spirit whose descending is being prayed for in the epiclesis.’
    • ‘A second epiclesis for the Spirit is prayed during the laying on of hands.’
    • ‘The eucharistic epiclesis in its classical form is a potent indicator of the deeper question concerning the relation of the Holy Spirit to the liturgy.’
    • ‘By suggesting this small correction, he has removed from the text any clear indication of an epiclesis.’
    • ‘The epiclesis reminds us that communion is not a private act between an individual Christian and God.’
    prayer, request, intercession, supplication, call, entreaty, solicitation, petition, appeal, suit


Late 19th century from Greek epiklēsis, from epikalein ‘call on’, from epi- + kalein ‘call’.