Definition of epicontinental in English:



  • Denoting those areas of sea or ocean overlying the continental shelf.

    ‘This led, in combination with lower surface-water densities, to a drastic reduction of deep-water formation in low-latitudinal epicontinental areas when a threshold value was reached.’
    • ‘This was accompanied by a substantial shrinking of habitable marine shelf area and draining of much of the epicontinental seas.’
    • ‘Application of this model to the Maritimes Basin implies that this Westphalian epicontinental sea was connected to the Tethys Ocean by similarly narrow straits.’
    • ‘The Homolidae first appeared during the Jurassic, and by the Cretaceous was well established in oceanic and epicontinental regions.’
    • ‘The late Albian marine fossil record from eastern Australia derives from the sedimentary succession of the Great Artesian Basin deposited in a vast epicontinental sea which then covered much of the continent.’
    • ‘The material described in this paper was collected in different outcrops of Thuringia and Lower Saxony, where the Lower Muschelkalk carbonates were deposited on carbonate platforms within a shallow epicontinental sea.’
    • ‘Fossils of marine life characterize the Mississippian Period, as shallow epicontinental seas covered the United States at that time.’
    • ‘The family exhibited a Tethyan distribution, dispersed among epicontinental Europe, the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain of North America, Africa, and the Tethys during the Eocene.’
    • ‘This widespread sequence of epicontinental carbonates and calcareous shales lies on the southwestern edge of the Russian Platform and contains most of the facies and ecological associations characteristic of marginal basins.’
    • ‘Considerable amount of thin interbedded limestones and shales was deposited in a subtropical and shallow-marine epicontinental sea during the Cincinnatian Epoch.’
    • ‘Both the Homolidae and the Homolodromiidae appear to have originated during the Jurassic in epicontinental Europe and had North Polar distributions early in their history.’
    • ‘That of the Wessex Basin in southern England accumulated in the northwestern reaches of the Anglo-Paris Basin, an epicontinental sea formed at the junction of the Tethyan, Boreal and Atlantic realms.’
    • ‘Endemic marine biota are typical for this interval; the restricted epicontinental seas favoured in situ evolution of benthonic, planktonic and nektonic organisms.’
    • ‘Putative evidence for weak tidal influence within the Joggins Formation is consistent with the partially enclosed epicontinental context inferred for the brackish sea deposits.’
    • ‘Small fossil trees in growth position are described from micro-tidal deposits, a sedimentary association inferred to have formed on the margins of a brackish epicontinental sea.’
    • ‘It constituted part of a Late Ordovician epicontinental fauna that once spread widely in shallow, equatorial seas of North America.’
    • ‘This global regression subsequently led to the withdrawal of seawater from a large part of the Pangean shelves and epicontinental seas.’
    • ‘Lots of phylogenetic change was in the air, or actually in the water, but it was mostly happening in the same lush, warm epicontinental seas.’
    • ‘Such phenomena are unusual, if not unique, in the extra-Alpine Mesozoic epicontinental seas, and calls for a rather special explanation.’
    • ‘We propose that the ancestors of the four extant river dolphin taxa were inhabitants of Miocene epicontinental seas.’



/ˌepəkän(t)əˈnen(t)l/ /ˌɛpəkɑn(t)əˈnɛn(t)l/