Definition of epicotyl in English:



  • The region of an embryo or seedling stem above the cotyledon.

    • ‘These enzymes have also been detected in a wide range of plant organs and tissues undergoing developmental changes such as seeds, cotyledons, elongating epicotyls, and in freshly harvested asparagus spears.’
    • ‘However, in coleoptiles, hypocotyls and epicotyls, gravity can be perceived along the whole length of the responding region and there is no such need to postulate any longitudinal transfer of a message.’
    • ‘At this stage, both the cotyledons and epicotyls (if visible) were green.’
    • ‘The number of embryos developing an epicotyl was determined after 9 weeks in germination.’
    • ‘In addition, they have four or five scaly leaves with lateral buds on their epicotyl.’