Definition of epicuticular in English:


Pronunciation /-kyo͞oˈtikyələr/


Botany Zoology

See epicuticle

‘Striations of thick epicuticular wax are present on both adaxial and abaxial epidermal cells.’
  • ‘There are many other documented changes in shoot morphology which take place in the droughted plant (e.g. changed stomatal differentiation, synthesis of epicuticular waxes, formation of thorns, hairs etc).’
  • ‘For instance, compared with those of seedlings or acclimated plantlets, leaves of in vitro-regenerated plantlets have little epicuticular wax and stoma functioning is often altered.’
  • ‘In order to analyse the relevance of the epicuticular wax to the overall transpiration barrier, the epicuticular layer was selectively removed with gum arabic.’
  • ‘A layer of epicuticular wax covers the leaves of all terrestrial plants and this layer can be amorphous to crystalline, dense or diffuse.’