Definition of epicyclic in English:




See epicycle

  • ‘It is based on the epicyclic and eccentric models of planetary motion.’
  • ‘Collectively Kepler's Laws superseded the ancient Ptolemaic concept of a spherical universe with epicyclic motion.’
  • ‘The key to the technology lies in the combination of a patented epicyclic traction transmission and electric gear ratio control.’
  • ‘Aristotelian cosmology survived unaltered by Ptolemaic astronomy, despite its eccentric planetary orbits and the epicyclic motions which already strained the original simple notion of uniform circular motion around the earth.’
  • ‘The epicyclic character of the theory, piling ad-hoc hypothesis upon hypothesis, its incompleteness and the appearance of a singularity in the big bang universe beginning require consideration of alternatives.’



/ɛpɪˌˈsʌɪklɪk/ /ɛpɪˌˈsɪklɪk/