Definition of epidemiological in English:


(also epidemiologic)


  • Relating to the branch of medicine which deals with the incidence, distribution, and control of diseases.

    ‘epidemiological studies of the effect of pesticides on humans’
    • ‘USDA has initiated an epidemiological investigation to determine the animal's herd of origin.’
    • ‘A 1993 epidemiological study found the town's residents suffered higher rates of cancer than the state average.’
    • ‘Epidemiological studies, for example, can help to identify factors contributing to particular human diseases.’
    • ‘However, epidemiological evidence suggests that trans fats account for about 100,000 premature deaths from cardiological disease in the United States each year.’
    • ‘Evidence from epidemiological studies seems to show consistently that intake of dietary fat and meat is positively related to risk of colorectal cancer.’
    • ‘Evidence from epidemiological studies is strong that men with high occupational or recreational physical activity seem to have a decreased risk of colon cancer.’
    • ‘One consequence of epidemiological research into the contribution of lifestyle factors to cancer risk has been to blame the individual who develops cancer.’
    • ‘The increasing direct epidemiological evidence that relates insulin-like growth factor-I to the risk of cancer is consistent with more circumstantial evidence.’
    • ‘The authors also cited a dozen previous epidemiologic studies associating vitamin C with a protective effect.’
    • ‘Furthermore, epidemiologic data in presymptomatic individuals with longitudinal follow-up are not well-established.’