Definition of epifauna in English:



  • Animals living on the surface of the seabed or a riverbed, or attached to submerged objects or aquatic animals or plants.

    Compare with infauna

    ‘Even if an intertidal zone existed, sea ice disturbance, as well as the unstable, gravelly substrate, would make it uninhabitable by intertidal benthos, epifauna, or epiphytes.’
    • ‘Episodically, stronger storm currents could dislodge rocks with attached algae, mussels, and other epifauna, exposing them to transport ashore by storm waves.’
    • ‘The group was the principal epifauna of the Paleozoic.’
    • ‘Although such ammonites are known in the English Jurassic, it clearly does not apply to these Lower Lias ammonites from Dorset which are largely devoid of epifauna.’
    • ‘Analyses were also performed by splitting the epifauna into mobile, nonmobile, and attached organisms, but these analyses were not included here because the results are not substantially different from those presented here.’



/ˈepəˌfônə/ /ˈɛpəˌfɔnə/