Definition of epifaunal in English:


Pronunciation /-ˈfônl/



See epifauna

‘Bivalves are aquatic suspension-feeders, inhabiting a variety of infaunal and epifaunal habitats and are particularly characterized by their ability to burrow, some of them even into rock and wood.’
  • ‘Continued work on crinoids in the 21st century promises to provide significant advances both for understanding the evolutionary history of crinoids and for understanding the history of epifaunal benthic communities through time.’
  • ‘Within a particular paleoenvironment the organisms could further subdivide resources by establishing epifaunal, and possibly infaunal, tiers.’
  • ‘Life habit categories included epifaunal, infaunal, shallow infaunal, and deep infaunal.’
  • ‘This suggests that the number of predatory gastropods (taxa or individuals) may not be driving the decrease in epifaunal richness in these samples.’