Definition of epifluorescence in English:



mass nounOptics
  • The fluorescence of an object in an optical microscope when irradiated from the viewing side.

    • ‘The structural dynamics of pulmonary surfactant was studied by epifluorescence light microscopy at the air-water interface of a bubble as a model close to nature for an alveolus.’
    • ‘Using traditional epifluorescence microscopy, the fluorescence intensity profile can be measured at a particular distance downstream.’
    • ‘For quantification and microphotography, dye filling was evaluated using a Zeiss Standard microscope equipped with epifluorescence.’
    • ‘The background noise is thus small compared to the background signal, which presumably comes predominantly from stray light in the incident epifluorescence portion of the microscope.’
    • ‘Animals were allowed to age and were photographed using both Nomarski optics and epifluorescence.’



/ˌɛpɪflʊəˈrɛs(ə)ns/ /ˌɛpɪflɔːˈrɛs(ə)ns/