Definition of epiglottic in English:



See epiglottis

  • ‘There are three single cartilages (ie, thyroid, epiglottic, cricoid) and three paired cartilages (ie, arytenoid, cuneiform, corniculate).’
  • ‘The epiglottic cartilage may be rudimentary, with duplication of the mucosa substituting for cartilage.’
  • ‘The usual response to laryngeal obstruction usually caused by epiglottic or pharyngeal swelling is to sit up and forward.’
  • ‘A punch biopsy of the lesion showed tuberculous granulomas within the epiglottic tissue.’
  • ‘Our patient's epiglottic mass consisted of a dense histiocytic infiltrate that contained small, uninucleated yeasts that demonstrated no hyphae or pseudohyphae.’