Definition of epigraphic in English:


Pronunciation /ɪpɪˈɡrafɪk/ /ɛpɪˈɡrafɪk/


See epigraphy

  • ‘And, naturally, the more interesting component for the epigraphic instructors was to test their own teaching skills by evaluating their answer sheets.’
  • ‘The value of the available information (from the architecture, equipment, comparanda from other synagogue buildings, and literary and epigraphic sources) is discussed briefly in this context.’
  • ‘Nonetheless, most, if not all, familial funerary portraits have become identified as a type of freedman art in scholarship, even when accompanying epigraphic evidence does not designate the social standing of those depicted.’
  • ‘It used evidence from epigraphic sources, linguistics, and palaeography to reconstruct the life of artisans and their role in intercultural exchange at the regional level.’
  • ‘The combination of theory and solid evidence, particularly archaeological, but also some epigraphic, is most welcome and several of the contributors are to be commended for their innovative approaches to the subject.’



/ɪpɪˈɡrafɪk/ /ɛpɪˈɡrafɪk/