Definition of epigraphical in English:



See epigraphy

  • ‘Besides epigraphical reports talking of land grants and agreements on the oil supply to the temple, the book also proves the existence of the Sabha in the distant past, which laid down elaborate procedures for punishment for crime.’
  • ‘As an epigraphical quotation printed in the preliminary pages, this ‘novel’ bore the lines from Horace: Let fiction meant to please be very near to truth.’
  • ‘Her first task is defining ‘the conditions that allow artifacts, epigraphical documents, and literary texts to throw light upon one another in reciprocal fashion.’’
  • ‘This 331-page volume provides detailed epigraphical, paleographical, archaeological, philological, and historical analyses that seem to echo the Copenhagen International Seminar (often branded as ‘minimalist’).’
  • ‘The text of column II can be edited as follows (but, as indicated in the epigraphical commentary above, some of the text in lines 8-11 may have started on the left block).’