Definition of epigraphist in English:


Pronunciation /ɪˈpɪɡrəfɪst/ /ɛˈpɪɡrəfɪst/


See epigraphy

  • ‘Napoleon's example of taking antiquaries, etymologists, epigraphists and naturalists with him to Egypt conferred a cultural dimension to post-Napoleonic French colonialism which had not been there before.’
  • ‘With nearly 33,000 temples, Tamil Nadu is literally a goldmine for epigraphists.’
  • ‘Instead, he is an epigraphist, content to read works for their historical content.’
  • ‘In his vision of the future, epigraphists - archaeologists who study inscriptions - will rely instead on digital cameras, specialized computer software, and their dexterity with a mouse.’
  • ‘There is no more exemplary statement than this of epigraphists ' proper attitude toward epigraphical conclusions - and historical conclusions based on epigraphic evidence.’



/ɪˈpɪɡrəfɪst/ /ɛˈpɪɡrəfɪst/