Definition of epimer in English:



  • Each of two isomers with different configurations of atoms about one of several asymmetric carbon atoms present.

    • ‘However, it has not been unraveled why so many different BChI homologs and epimers exist in chlorosomes and how they arrange themselves to form light-harvesting antennas.’
    • ‘Yet, fungi could probably utilize the glucuronic acid residue in glucuronides as a carbon source because they can metabolize galacturonic acid, an epimer of glucuronic acid.’
    • ‘To our knowledge, this is the first example of two highly homologous enzymes belonging to the same gene family, and catalyzing the formation of two distinct epimers from a same substrate.’
    • ‘Glucose and galactose are structurally similar, being epimers, while the lactose permease transports a wide variety of galactosides.’
    • ‘This study was not able to show any difference in the effect of KP - 23S and KP - 23R epimers on the bilayer.’