Definition of epimysium in English:



mass nounAnatomy
  • A sheath of fibrous elastic tissue surrounding a muscle.

    • ‘We also see that the feather muscles are surrounded by an epimysium, the elastic membrane of which forms the framework for the hydraulic skeleton of the feathers.’
    • ‘Amyloid was distributed in a perivascular or interstitial location within the endomysium in 7 muscles and in the epimysium in 4 muscles.’
    • ‘Instead, they originate from an aponeurosis that is continuous with the epimysium of the epaxial musculature and insert onto an aponeurosis that merges with the peritoneum.’
    • ‘Figure 3 B shows an optical section at a depth 14 m into the sample, revealing intense SHG from a matrix of collagen fibrils (black arrow) in the epimysium layer surrounding muscle fibers.’
    covering, cover, case, casing, envelope, sleeve, wrapper


Modern Latin, from epi-‘upon’ + Greek mus ‘muscle’.