Definition of epiphanic in English:



See epiphany

  • ‘On the whole, it seems a good idea to be silent about the transcendent and epiphanic dimensions of life because they cannot actually be spoken about.’
  • ‘Quite simply put, a holy place, as a place in which an epiphanic event happens, is holy insofar as the breath or Spirit that gives witness to our spirit is there to consecrate it - and we call it ‘spiritual presence.’’
  • ‘Since the publication of her first novel, she has returned in her fiction to epiphanic moments which elide divisions in time and space.’
  • ‘In an epiphanic moment, the heroine, already skeptical of Raj, discovers him in bed with the maidservant only days before the marriage.’
  • ‘But, as you've both pointed out, it can be difficult - almost impossible - to describe and evoke the epiphanic moment of gnosis.’