Definition of episcopalian in English:



  • 1Of or advocating government of a Church by bishops.

    ‘As in 1662 the Anglican squirearchy would permit no weakening of the hierarchical and episcopalian structure of the Church.’
    1. 1.1Of or belonging to an episcopal Church.


  • 1A person who advocates government of a Church by bishops.

    1. 1.1A member of the Episcopal Church.
      • ‘Perhaps most important, in many urban and rural areas where churches are struggling, Episcopalians and Lutherans will be able to have joint congregations served by a pastor or priest of either body.’
      • ‘Late eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Episcopalians searched the early Church for examples to prove to Baptists that infant baptism was ancient and proper.’
      • ‘This summer, Episcopalians, United Methodists and Presbyterians will take up the issue at their individual conventions.’
      • ‘American Episcopalians maintain stubborn resistance to warnings by the world Anglican Communion that they have recklessly broken fellowship.’
      • ‘Most divided are the moderate Protestant denominations, such as the Presbyterians, Episcopalians and Methodists.’
      • ‘It is one of the richest resources on baptism written for Episcopalians in print.’
      • ‘You know, years ago when I was an Episcopalian, another member of the church used the church directory as a marketing tool for his small business, and started making cold calls using it.’
      • ‘Evangelicals are a sub-set of Christianity, a religion that includes Catholics, Episcopalians, liberal Protestants, Greek Orthodox, etc.’
      • ‘This is not unlike the situation of other Protestant churches, including Methodists, Presbyterians, and Episcopalians, to name a few.’
      • ‘The biggest religious disputes here have actually been between Protestants: Episcopalians and Presbyterians, and between the various shades of the latter.’
      • ‘Buffalo's Protestant founders, mainly Episcopalians and Presbyterians, originated in New England and eastern New York.’
      • ‘As Episcopalians, not having an ordained priest available meant we could not celebrate the Eucharist.’
      • ‘Longtime Episcopalians remember the old days of Morning Prayer, but have no explanation for the change-other, perhaps, than that of making a change for change's sake.’
      • ‘Moreover, black Episcopalians have consistently held the Church's feet to the fire, and reminded it when its actions have been inconsistent with the principles it espoused.’
      • ‘Further, in spite of the proliferation of weekday celebrations of lesser feasts, many Episcopalians lack even cursory knowledge of the early church and the patristic fathers.’
      • ‘This book and Glenn's views will be of special interest to Episcopalians with memories of upheavals in church and society a few decades ago.’
      • ‘My own view is that of a person who was born into a family of Episcopalians whose allegiance to that church stretches as far back as anyone can remember.’
      • ‘A brother had left the church several years earlier and become an Episcopalian.’



/ɪˌpɪskəˈpeɪlɪən/ /ɛˌpɪskəˈpeɪlɪən/