Definition of epistemically in English:



See epistemic

  • ‘Only with such a goal in the background does the two-step process of employing historical materialism to establish an epistemically and normatively independent stance make sense.’
  • ‘In this regard, Augustine's illuminationism is a worthy contender among more familiar attempts to make intellectual cognition epistemically secure and reliable.’
  • ‘An interesting task for social epistemology is to identify the types of collaboration that would be optimal in terms of some epistemically relevant measure.’
  • ‘Descartes does not conceive the ontological argument on the model of an Euclidean or axiomatic proof, in which theorems are derived from epistemically prior axioms and definitions.’
  • ‘It may be suggested, then, that those philosophers who accord ontological primacy to event causation are tempted to do so by the fact that events seem to be, in general, more epistemically accessible than substances are.’