Definition of epitaxy in English:



mass nounCrystallography
  • The natural or artificial growth of crystals on a crystalline substrate that determines their orientation.

    • ‘Maintaining tight control over layer thickness throughout the lengthy low-pressure metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy growth process is one of the biggest challenges.’
    • ‘To build the 0.5-mm x 0.3-mm x 0.1-mm laser chip, the group deposited various layers onto the SiC substrate using metal-oxide vapor phase epitaxy.’
    • ‘Then, because the fluorite crystals that are defined by dark color zoning are wedge shaped and depart from parallelism with pyrite crystals by varying degrees, I concluded that epitaxy did not appear possible.’
    • ‘The process is relatively simple for manufacturing compared with techniques such as molecular beam epitaxy.’
    • ‘Using a molecular beam epitaxy chamber, scientists spray paint a surface with atoms under high temperatures, creating an atomic coating.’


1930s from French épitaxie, from Greek epi ‘upon’ + taxis ‘arrangement’.