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nounplural noun epithelia/-lēə/

  • 1Anatomy
    The thin tissue forming the outer layer of a body's surface and lining the alimentary canal and other hollow structures.

    ‘Eighty-five percent of human ovarian tumors arise from the epithelium or surface layer of tissue that surrounds the ovaries.’
    • ‘Each tonsil has an irregular number of ingrowths of the surface epithelium known as tonsillar crypts.’
    • ‘The lining epithelium was often eroded, and the underlying stroma showed dense infiltration by inflammatory cells.’
    • ‘Breakdown of the corneal epithelium increases the risk of stromal surface infection.’
    • ‘A flattened layer of epithelium was seen lining the cyst in certain areas.’
    1. 1.1The part of the epithelium derived from embryonic ectoderm and endoderm, as distinct from endothelium and mesothelium.



/ˌepəˈTHēlēəm/ /ˌɛpəˈθiliəm/


Mid 18th century modern Latin, from epi-‘above’ + Greek thēlē ‘teat’.