Definition of epoch-making in English:



  • Of major importance; likely to have a significant effect on a particular period of time.

    ‘the meeting is an epoch-making event for peace and stability’
    ‘an epoch-making book’
    • ‘‘It is a marvelous achievement of great epoch-making significance,’ the news agency quoted him as adding.’
    • ‘Instead, we'll examine the context in which this announcement was made so we can discern a powerful distinction between the epoch-making events of the Renaissance and those of today.’
    • ‘You see, amid all the intrigue, politics and epoch-making events that surrounded her life, Josephine always made time for her beauty routine, and certainly knew a thing or two about how to keep her looks.’
    • ‘In two days' time, we may encounter the single biggest epoch-making event in over three decades of conflict, an agreement that will bring a permanent peace.’
    • ‘Our cover story is a commentary package from 24 notable authors, historians, economists, psychologists, sociologists and public opinion experts as to how this epoch-making event will alter worldviews.’
    • ‘The summit between the two Koreas was widely hailed as an epoch-making event.’
    • ‘Whenever they do, the event would almost be epoch-making.’
    • ‘The antislavery crusade, beginning in England in the second half of the eighteenth century, thus emerges as a singular, epoch-making event.’
    • ‘The scientist decided to take part in the epoch-making event and joined another expedition devoted to Atlantis.’
    • ‘The moment you leave a story it's bound to turn epoch-making.’
    • ‘‘This is an epoch-making ruling,’ said a lawyer who filed a similar lawsuit in which the court declined to rule on the constitutionality of the visits.’
    • ‘Kennedy's ‘We do these things, not because they are easy ‘speech was epoch-making.’’
    • ‘While the art it contains is far from epoch-making, it does define an attitude currently prevalent among many young, principally London-based artists and art schools.’
    • ‘How happy will all the women around the world be if this old lady made this sentence in a speech, which would be no less inspiring and epoch-making than the speech of Martin Luther King.’
    • ‘It's a wonderfully opulent survey, providing the chance to bring together some rarely seen works, in particular Degas' epoch-making Absinthe.’
    • ‘So the speech could also be described as epoch-making.’
    • ‘The plight of these poor folk who were losing their wee holiday homes was no doubt a worthy topic but I was looking for something a touch more epoch-making.’
    • ‘But for a private gallery in Edinburgh, or anywhere in Scotland, it is not only brave, it's epoch-making.’
    • ‘Men of science come up with a brilliant, epoch-making idea that should, by rights, change the course of human history.’
    • ‘This is the same version, in other words, that formed the basis of that epoch-making 1957 production.’
    impressive, striking, outstanding, remarkable, magnificent, marvellous, majestic, stupendous, prodigious, ambitious, large-scale, grand, awe-inspiring, awesome, important, significant, distinguished, classic, memorable, transcendent, exalted, unforgettable, enduring, lasting, abiding, permanent, immortal, historic, epoch-making