Definition of eponymously in English:



See eponymous

  • ‘Their eponymously titled album was the first thing I bought with my first student grant, and they were also the first band I saw at a proper gig.’
  • ‘In 1988, the BBC gave Thompson her own show, eponymously titled, and she opted for a format that featured short but elaborate sketches designed to capitalise upon her versatility as a comic actress.’
  • ‘The two-star Michelin restaurant is eponymously named after the remarkable Italian chef.’
  • ‘With his books, TV show and eponymously named Web site, he offers up a guide to the best beers in the world.’
  • ‘While Laennec's stethoscope revolutionized diagnosis of diseases of the chest, his name is eponymously associated with micronodular cirrhosis of the liver (Laennec's cirrhosis).’