Definition of epoxy in English:


(also epoxy resin)

Pronunciation /iˈpäksē/ /ɪˈpɑksi/


  • Any of a class of adhesives, plastics, or other materials that are polymers of epoxides.

    ‘They can be used on a variety of material including fiberglass, wood, plastic, epoxy, rubber, laminates, particle board, soft metal and ceramic tile.’
    • ‘We use a material called epoxy to bind these girders.’
    • ‘For anchoring bolts and other materials to masonry - including concrete, stone, brick, and other similar materials - epoxy is the best product.’
    • ‘With the exception of epoxy, too much adhesive will weaken the hold of the materials you are bonding.’
    • ‘These coatings exhibit the toughness and adhesion of epoxy, with the elasticity and chemical resistance of a polysulfide.’
    • ‘The resulting pump system features stainless steel columns and pipes, and the discharge manifold, pump head and internal fusion are bonded with epoxy.’
    • ‘When you look at it closely you can see that it's some kind of epoxy or super hard plastic that's actually inlaid in the asphalt itself.’
    • ‘The antlers are placed together, held by sandbags and glued with epoxy.’
    • ‘Aggressive skiers should have bindings professionally mounted with epoxy (soften epoxy with soldering iron for screw removal).’
    • ‘The rustproof metal attachments in modern buildings are safer than some of the materials used in the old days, and structural components can be coated with epoxy to keep out moisture.’
    • ‘Today, Edwards is famous because of his newly completed project, a fishing boat made with 570 strips of only local wood and held together by marine epoxy.’
    • ‘The inscription on the monument saying he was the ‘father of four children’ also will be altered with epoxy.’
    • ‘They put a gauze with five-minute epoxy over it to seal the shell.’
    • ‘The veneer is a concoction of tropical Fijian light and dark woods and, of course, is strengthened with a proper dose of epoxy.’
    • ‘When the guards tore down her posters, she put them back up with epoxy.’
    • ‘The used adhesive agent is a conventional product based on epoxy with resin.’
    • ‘So many things are encased in epoxy or some other material so you couldn't penetrate it and even if you did you would just break it.’
    • ‘Another technique is to glue the piece to a stick with some light epoxy, giving the piece a handle to work on one side.’
    • ‘Vary the number and direction of spoons in each box, and glue them in place with household epoxy.’
    • ‘Press the bell cap so the shape fits the shell tightly, then glue it in place with epoxy.’
    adhesive, glue, fixative, gum, paste, bonding, binder, sealer, sealant


  • Consisting of epoxy.

    ‘epoxy cement’
    • ‘ICL started out in 1986, with just two employees, as a specialist manufacturer of resins and paint additives, mainly focusing on polyurethane and epoxy technology.’
    • ‘Three fastening processes are used in photonics assembly: epoxy bonding, eutectic soldering, and laser welding.’
    • ‘The chassis and body have been made entirely of laminated carbon fibre and epoxy composite, and the reported weight is 1180 kg.’
    • ‘The welded joints are potted in a polyimide tube with an epoxy compound to provide general protection and strain relief.’
    • ‘If you decide to go with an industrial finish, use an epoxy primer with a polyurethane topcoat.’
    • ‘Oil-based, alkyd, rubber and epoxy paints do not allow any vapor in the wall to escape and consequently should not be applied to brick.’
    • ‘They then insert a bunch of re-bar (the big wires you see sticking out here) into the hole and fill it with a special epoxy cement.’
    • ‘The painters first apply a primer, then they spray on an intermediate epoxy redox glass flake paint known as Transguard 123.’
    • ‘We've also put epoxy sealers on the cement floors, which keeps dust down.’
    • ‘Thiokol LPE 2078 is a liquid polysulfide epoxy coating specifically designed for use on concrete.’
    • ‘I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but both epoxy solutions are permanent.’
    • ‘Indeed, dark epoxy grouts can permanently stain the porous varieties.’
    • ‘For a coating that offers the maximum in adhesion and wear resistance, as well as excellent resistance to staining from a wide variety of liquids and chemicals, you might want to consider an epoxy paint.’
    • ‘When the Port added several cranes to increase capacity, the engineers chose epoxy grout, instead of conventional cement-based grout, as the support structure for those cranes.’
    • ‘But with what seems like an almost unlimited number of different epoxy formulations on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one will work best with a specific product.’
    • ‘The city of Nanjing's second bridge across the Yangtze River features the first use of an epoxy asphalt deck pavement in China and one of the longest cable-stayed spans in the world.’
    • ‘The following July, at the end of construction, the contractor had the garage slab sealed with an epoxy coating to cover the construction blemishes and to make the floor look finished.’
    • ‘But he adds that ‘concrete is the best way to go with epoxy floors.’’
    • ‘The repaired deck was then primed with a two-component epoxy primer, followed with a basecoat of single-component, highly elastic urethane.’
    • ‘Stealth composites act much like epoxy compounds available at any hardware store.’

transitive verbepoxies, epoxying, epoxied

[with object]
  • Glue (something) using epoxy resin.

    ‘the wire is epoxied to the top of the nut’
    • ‘The tubing was epoxied to this chamber top.’
    • ‘It's not exactly an item one has lying about, so Brezny took three feet of aluminum conduit, pressed it over the end of a Remington 870 barrel and epoxied it in place.’
    • ‘Okay, you've got both skis mounted with the toe units, they're epoxied and the boot-heel center marks line up perfectly with those on your skis.’
    • ‘We epoxied them in there, but some of the disks fell off.’
    • ‘The back end caps are epoxied on, with a waterproof seal.’
    • ‘We epoxied wood blocks to the slab and screwed them to the frame.’
    • ‘I epoxied the bottom, painted in and out, covered the cushions, and made many improvements in and out.’
    • ‘Then we punched a hole through the center and epoxied some steel washers there for reinforcement.’
    • ‘The tie in the brick wall is epoxied and then a mortar patch put on the outside.’
    • ‘After some thought, I tried to epoxy the little piece that broke, although I doubted it would hold because the break was at the worst stress point.’
    • ‘I did find the capacitors a little close to the ram, which might be an issue if you planned to epoxy some large ram coolers to it.’
    • ‘Here is the hacked orb, the filed off ledge is on the right and the semi circular groove is ready to epoxy the bolt.’
    • ‘Weld or epoxy a small steel ball onto the edge of the valve.’
    • ‘In the next stage, robotic climbers would ascend the ribbon, epoxying additional carbon-nanotube ribbons to the mother line as the robots shimmy spaceward.’
    • ‘Our experimental setup consists of a custom-made Langmuir trough milled 7 from a solid piece of virgin Teflon (27.5 × 6.25 × 0.63 cm) epoxied to a thin copper plate.’
    • ‘It was a hi-tech-appearing dowsing rod that had non-functioning electronic parts epoxied into it.’
    • ‘Panels were first fitted fairly closely to the frames and then epoxied together to make a one-piece grip.’
    • ‘Drill the single aggregate particle out of the concrete using a masonry bit and then epoxy or cement a new aggregate particle into place.’
    • ‘Remember to heat epoxied screws with a hot screw driver, small heated metal rod, soldering iron, or butane lighter before attempting removal.’
    • ‘This insert straightens the epoxied optical fiber inside the connector and produces an output beam whose axis is sufficiently collinear with the optical axis of the collimator.’
    stick, gum, paste


Early 20th century from epi-‘in addition’ + oxy-.