Definition of equal marriage in English:

equal marriage


mass noun
  • The situation in which same-sex couples have the same legal right to marry as opposite-sex couples.

    ‘she has been a vocal supporter of equal marriage’
    as modifier ‘in June, equal marriage laws were finally approved’
    • ‘I would like to commend you for voting for equal marriage rights.’
    • ‘Around the world, the fight for equal marriage divides countries.’
    • ‘Proud that Parliament voted in favour of equal marriage today.’
    • ‘The singers joined thousands taking to social networking sites to support equal marriage.’
    • ‘Since the President has endorsed equal marriage, more and more Democratic congressmen and congresswomen have come out in support of the cause.’
    • ‘She considers herself a conservative who supports family values, and has said she believes that equal marriage promotes family values.’
    • ‘Many groups and individuals are trying to change that law by legalizing equal marriage.’
    • ‘As the fight for equal marriage progresses in the United States, other countries are much further behind when it comes to LGBT rights.’
    • ‘However, we've still got a lot of ground to cover, especially in regards to equal marriage and benefits.’
    • ‘Equal marriage is something we both support and we wanted to make sure we did our part to help change hearts and minds.’