Definition of equalitarian in English:



another term for egalitarian
  • ‘Those who believe in nurturing, finding fitting consequences for behavior, and disciplining through mutual respect believe in an equalitarian type of family values system.’
  • ‘At least, that's what I expected, when she claimed on opening night to be an equalitarian.’
  • ‘Although not perfect, it is a thousand times more fraternal, equalitarian and human than any other project that others want to impose on us.’
  • ‘Even such an overwhelming reality as the utter collapse of the world's 70 year experiment with Communism caused them not at all to abandon their equalitarian mania but only to change their focus somewhat.’
  • ‘‘I believe for each society, an equalitarian morality is the best goal,’ Thomas answered, ‘Also, each member of society should be able to raise above their condition through hard work, intelligence, and determination.’’
  • ‘Australia proves itself on being an equalitarian society, a value system forged in the playgrounds of government schools, the only authentic arena in which it can be taught or learned.’
  • ‘I don't propose an equalitarian lovingkindness or compassion.’
  • ‘The fear that the former would lead to the destruction of the latter did much to hasten the South in its repudiation of Jeffersonian equalitarian doctrines.’
  • ‘What Wellman means here is the internal structure of inter-human ties that in societies of organic solidarity resembles more a horizontal and rather equalitarian network than vertical, stratified concentric circles.’
  • ‘Three relationship domains in this study were thought to represent afrocentric influences for African-American marriages: Family and friends, equalitarian relationships, and religious orientation.’
  • ‘It is the hardest thing to explain this to those who follow the other parties: that it actually doesn't fundamentally matter what goes in the basic law, but that only a universal and equalitarian respect for the basic law is important.’
  • ‘However, analyses of their individual scores revealed that this was a reflection of their general agreement about traditional roles rather than a specific endorsement of equalitarian roles.’
  • ‘And somehow or another, despite them knowing we are partisan, we are now expected to be constructing some magnanimous equalitarian forum here at our personal blogs.’



/ɪˌkwɒlɪˈtɛːrɪən/ /iːˌkwɒlɪˈtɛːrɪən/