Definition of equally in English:


Pronunciation /ˈēkwəlē/ /ˈikwəli/

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  • 1In the same manner or to the same extent.

    ‘all children should be treated equally’
    • ‘follow-up discussion is equally important’
    justly, equitably, impartially, without bias, without prejudice, without fear or favour, with an open mind, open-mindedly, even-handedly, objectively, neutrally, disinterestedly
    1. 1.1In amounts or parts that are the same in size.
      • ‘the money can be divided equally between you’
    2. 1.2sentence adverb In addition and having the same importance (used to introduce a further comment)
      • ‘not all who live in inner cities are poor; equally, many poor people live outside inner cities’
      too, as well, besides, in addition, additionally, furthermore, further, moreover, into the bargain, on top, on top of that, over and above that, what's more, to boot, else, then, equally


The construction equally as—for example in follow-up discussion is equally as important —is relatively common but is sometimes criticized on the grounds of redundancy. Equally used alone is adequate: follow-up discussion is equally important