Definition of equation of state in English:

equation of state


  • An equation showing the relationship between the values of the pressure, volume, and temperature of a quantity of a particular substance.

    ‘The equation of state is the relationship between pressure and density in the stuff.’
    • ‘This new quantity is similar to the equation of state for a gas.’
    • ‘An equation of state would tell, for example, the pressure given the temperature and density.’
    • ‘However, the equation of state for hydrogen at high pressures, how it behaves, is not well understood.’
    • ‘The mass-to - radius ratio, in turn, determines the density and nature of the star's internal matter, called the equation of state.’


equation of state

/əˈkwāZHən/ /əˈkweɪʒən/ /ēˈkwāZHən əv/ /iˈkweɪʒən əv/ /ə stāt/ /ə steɪt/