Definition of equiangular in English:



  • Having equal angles.

    • ‘For example, is the attribute of being an equilateral triangle the same as the attribute of being an equiangular triangle?’
    • ‘Yet being red should not be analysed into being coloured plus something else, in the way that being square can be analysed as being quadrilateral plus being equilateral and equiangular.’
    • ‘A square is distinguished from other polygons by being four-sided, equilateral, and equiangular.’
    • ‘Another intriguing property of the logarithmic spiral is that it is equiangular: if you draw a straight line from the pole to any point on the spiral curve, the line always cuts the curve at precisely the same angle.’



/ˌiːkwɪˈaŋɡjʊlə/ /ɛiːkwɪˈaŋɡjʊlə/