Definition of equidistantly in English:



See equidistant

  • ‘In each artery, the lumen diameter was measured at seven positions-one proximal and one distal reference site and five sites equidistantly spaced within the balloon-dilated segment.’
  • ‘Among the 22 extant species, six major species groups have been identified that are approximately equidistantly related in molecular genetic terms, suggesting a rapid adaptive radiation in early alcid evolutionary history.’
  • ‘The members of the bridge that collapsed are identified with overscaled safety marking below and above with thirty-five commemorative stelae spaced equidistantly from pylon 11 to 12.’
  • ‘In model A, all the molecules are placed equidistantly on the ellipse.’
  • ‘The diameter of the bottle was 5 cm and each bottle had five seedlings placed equidistantly.’