Definition of equilibrial in English:


Pronunciation /-ˈlibrēəl/


See equilibrium

‘Cenozoic mammals of North America exhibited equilibrial diversity for approximately 55 Myr (Eocene-Pleistocene), with strong local interactions limiting diversity in local assemblages.’
  • ‘If mortality schedules subsequent to recruitment are strongly density-dependent, pulses of high recruitment will be followed by enhanced mortality and the standing population will remain at or close to an equilibrial size.’
  • ‘Some of the chapter authors refine these definitions somewhat to reflect current usage, for example, defining a regulated population in terms of a stationary probability distribution rather than an equilibrial density.’
  • ‘Observed rates of change, when compared with rates of environmental change and the frequency of major disturbance, suggest that equilibrial communities have rarely, if ever, been achieved during the Holocene.’
  • ‘The dynamic model's predicted equilibrial levels of carbon and nitrogen can also be compared to levels observed in never-cultivated habitats at field margins to test the predictive ability of the model.’