Definition of equipotent in English:



  • (chiefly of chemicals and medicines) equally powerful; having equal potencies.

    ‘the controlled studies compared doses of benzodiazepines that were equipotent in regard to efficacy’
    • ‘However, clinically, the effectiveness is equal in equipotent doses.’
    • ‘The equipotent dosing ratio for diazepam: midazolam is reported as 1.5 to 2: 1.’
    • ‘In a further study by the same group oral THC 10 mg was found to be about equipotent to codeine 60 mg, and THC 20 mg was about equipotent to codeine 120 mg.’
    • ‘Up to now, results obtained in the murine model have always been predictive of what was achievable in humans, provided that the relative sizes of the bacillary populations in mice and in humans are similar and the drug doses are equipotent.’
    • ‘Both agents cross into the cerebrospinal fluid in equipotent amounts’



/ˌiːkwɪˈpəʊt(ə)nt/ /ˌɛkwɪˈpəʊt(ə)nt/