Definition of equiprobable in English:



Mathematics Logic
  • (of two or more things) equally likely to occur; having equal probability.

    • ‘The method remains unbiased as long as the base composition is balanced: failures are equiprobable for X Y and Y X actual changes.’
    • ‘Compared to the maximum-likelihood estimator under the equiprobable population, this estimator is very efficient.’
    • ‘Participants were randomly assigned by an ‘adaptive biased coin’ technique, rather than simple equiprobable randomisation, to ensure balance of group numbers.’
    • ‘To make the method tractable, we approximate this distribution by six equiprobable rate categories.’
    • ‘Assuming equiprobable digits, I have reduced your level of uncertainty by a factor of eight.’



/iːkwɪˈprɒbəb(ə)l/ /ɛːkwɪˈprɒbəb(ə)l/