Definition of equisetum in English:


Pronunciation /ˌekwəˈsēdəm/ /ˌɛkwəˈsidəm/

nounequiseta, equisetums

  • A plant of a genus that comprises the horsetails.

    Genus Equisetum, family Equisetaceae

    ‘Give the child lots of warm herb teas, especially horsetail (equisetum), which cleanses the kidneys.’
    • ‘Horsetails or equisetum can be your nightmare if you have recently laid tarmacadam.’
    • ‘The pond is planted with equisetum, irises, and other water lovers.’
    • ‘The chief of these is equisetum, known as marestail or horsetail, a plant which rapidly chokes fields of soya if not controlled.’


Modern Latin, from Latin equus ‘horse’ + saeta ‘bristle’.