Definition of equitability in English:



See equitable

  • ‘This was not resolved until 1984 when it was agreed to modify the budget design mechanisms so as to ensure greater equitability in the distribution of financial burdens.’
  • ‘I doubt that they believed in the equitability of fate - especially when their only son turned out to be no more than another burden in their already overburdened lives.’
  • ‘Berman's plea also assumes that the entertainment industry must forever be dominated by a small handful of conglomerates, the equitability of whose revenue distribution can charitably be described as abysmal.’
  • ‘Moving out of this stage requires a substantial increase in cost-effective and affordable energy sources, while minimising environmental hazards and ensuring social equitability and sustainability.’
  • ‘Expenses are allocated based on a fixed and variable basis to ensure equitability.’