Definition of equivalence principle in English:

equivalence principle


  • A basic postulate of general relativity, stating that at any point of space–time the effects of a gravitational field cannot be experimentally distinguished from those due to an accelerated frame of reference.

    • ‘Indeed, massless moduli would probably lead to long-range forces that would compete with gravity and violate the equivalence principle - the cornerstone of general relativity - at an observable level.’
    • ‘Both findings - about the strong equivalence principle and the gravitational constant - boost Einstein's theory,’ added Turyshev.’
    • ‘For instance, the equivalence principle one of the cornerstones of relativity states that in freely falling reference frames, the outcome of any non-gravitational experiment is independent of when and where it is carried out.’
    • ‘Reasonable time limits had on several occasions been held by the Court to be compatible with the effectiveness principle, whereas the exact meaning of the equivalence principle remained unclear.’
    • ‘Now remember the case of the spring and the equivalence principle.’