Definition of equivocacy in English:



mass nounrare
  • The state or quality of being ambiguous or open to more than one interpretation.

    ‘the equivocacy of the term helps him in his argumentation’
    • ‘They satisfied his desire for that elusive double who, like a parallel universe, may both share and appease the anguish of existence and the equivocacy of art.’
    • ‘The sexual equivocacy was also constantly reinforced by the theatrical conventions in which actresses were presented to male audiences as beautiful, sexual, available beings.’
    • ‘The equivocacy of Descartes's position was mocked by many of his contemporaries.’
    • ‘Only univocal assertions protect us from equivocacy.’
    • ‘The equivocacy of scripture serves as an instrument of divine justice.’
    ambivalence, equivocation


Mid 17th century from late Latin aequivocus (see equivocal) + -acy.