Definition of equivocality in English:



See equivocal

  • ‘But when we are alerted to the equivocality of the image, the buildings are dismissed as generic, no different from those that may be found in any large metropolis, regardless of geographical location.’
  • ‘The fresco, as some of Michelangelo's most articulate critics pointed out, seems to court scandal, to exult in the equivocality of gesture and posture far exceeding that in any previous work by the artist.’
  • ‘This theoretical concept assumes that messages contain a certain level of equivocality, and that some media are more capable of reducing that equivocality than others.’
  • ‘For all its complexity and equivocality, the urge to transcend the perceived limitations of Aristotelianism remains a central philosophical motivation.’
  • ‘There are all sorts of areas of social science where there is equivocality.’